Comprehensive PACS Redundancy (CPR)

Comprehensive PACS Redundancy is a light easily adaptable solution to any existing PACS system.  It exists completely separate of the primary network and can be immediately accessed to provide a work around when a chain in the primary system has failed.  This ensures your facility’s ability to image, diagnose, and distribute patient results while improving patient care and preventing revenue loss and liability exposure.

Commercial PACS systems are typically sold as ‘redundant’ giving the false impression that the systems are immune to failure. In general, the redundancy being addressed is redundancy of the image archive only, usually through a mirrored server. However, there is no true redundancy of the network, viewing station, report generation application, and HIS/EMR. Yet each of these other links in the medical imaging chain represents a potential point of failure.

When implemented Comprehensive PACS Redundancy (CPR) is a battle tested proven network redundancy that can be provided at a modest cost relative to duplication of a commercial PACS.  CPR delivers quality patient care to your critical care or emergency services even in the case of a temporary or catastrophic primary PACS network failure. It also allows those images or other electronic data to be stored for a short time.  The modest subscription cost of CPR is inexpensive insurance for the risks posed to patient care, medical liability and lost revenue which silently exist within most PACS as currently configured.

When it comes to a life there is no time for downtime.  Keep your facility up and operating at all times with the security and peace of mind that CPR provides.